... 41 years the beneficiary

I met my wife Carol in the fall of 1976 when we were attending college together in New England. After meeting Carol, my college friends would jokingly refer to our past good times as BC (Before Carol). I suspect they noticed a monumental change had taken place when Carol and I had met, and that my old ways of behavior had changed. Looking back, this was very true, and I am forever grateful that we chose to live our life together.

Together we have raised three unique and talented sons, and have grown closer along the way. Although our personalities are polar opposites, our values have grown to be aligned, which has made living together seem effortless.

We are now empty nesters, living full-time in our Airstream Travel Trailer, dividing our time between Austin and Denton Texas, while finding time to enjoy hiking, camping, canoeing, and backpacking. Carol is also my business partner and trusted confidant in all matters.